Hey Honey!

Welcome To Building A Honeycomb!

My name is Nisheeta also known as Nush, I like to think of myself as a honeybee building my perfect honeycomb. I’m also the ‘aunty’ in my friend’s circle. 

I’ve been a teacher for ten years, a wife for two and someday excited to have two or three little bub’s of our own. 

I currently train teachers to enter into the field of Early Childhood Education, so if you’re a mum or dad looking for tips and tricks to keep the little ones busy, then I hope that this will be insightful. 

If you want to create experiences, interested in frugal tips, family-friendly hacks, interesting food ideas and if you’re obsessed with OCD levels of organisation, I’m your girl! 

Thank you for stopping by!

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4 Toast Topping Ideas

Here are a 4 toast toppings that aren’t avocado toast! Let’s be honest avocados are expensive in the city, so ditch the avocados and get creative. I have something for the vegetarian, the meat eater and something for that sweet tooth. Cream Cheese & Cucumber Ingredients Sliced bread (brown/white) Cream cheese spread (I used Dlecta) …